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We have ourselves in excellent position with our position players moving forward, especially if we extend Rendon.  Finding a 1B isn't hard at all to replace Zim.  We have 2 top prospects that can potentially play 2B.  Turner, Soto, Robles...they're under team control for a long time.  I'm sure down the road we can replace a single cornr OF in Eaton.

The future of the rotation is the biggest question mark right now.  There aren't any "can't miss" pitching prospects on their way.  How much longer can Max keep it up?  Stras is only 30, but is an annual question with his health.  Corbin doesn't have a lengthy track record, so there is some question there.  It's not like those 3 guys are all facing impending doom.  They could each remain good to great several more years.  Or maybe 2 do.  If just 1 does...uh oh.  Finding #4 and #5 starters annually isn't a huge worry.