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Dude, where are you getting yelling?  You yourself called Soto "lucky."  Also said Rendon was "can't miss" at #6 despite multiple players going higher and in that range in each that end up total busts.  Domestically we drafted Souza which became Turner and Joe Ross.  We drafted Giolitto/Dunning and signed Lopez which became Eaton.  We drafted Jesus which became Doo (and Madson for 2 years).  We drafted Pivetta which became our closer that didn't work out.  Going back to Gio, we acquired him trading players we drafted.

To be fair, Rendon's talent wasn't in question. It was whether or not he was too much of an injury risk/would he recover. If he didn't have that injury risk, he would have been taken sooner, without a doubt. He was basically tagged, 'Can't miss, if healthy.' Sounds like a dumb caveat, but it was a risk five other teams wouldn't take.