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Re: Fire Rizzo
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We're in Win-Now mode and we fill our holes with trades and free agency. We've done a nice job collecting guys good enough to trade. I'm not debating that and obviously our ace is a free agent guy, our #3-5 are free agents, our closer was a free agent, our SS was a trade, our LF was a trade...the best thing Rizzo has done has been to use prospects for guys with team control.

I just don't think our domestic scouting team is that good, especially considering that's Rizzo's background. The Cardinals reload with internal guys very year. The Yankees are currently doing it. The Red Sox do it. Trades, free agency & being able to have internal guys fill important roles. Soto was a huge stroke of luck last year. Our international guys are excellent.

Also Luzardo has as much major league time as "future 2B Carter Kieboom" so maybe let's pump the brakes on including him with established MLB guys like Pivetta. We can all agree trading for Papelbon was dumb.