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We drafted our starting 1B,

in 2005, pre-rizzo, not part of this discussion. entirely different staff.

our future 2B,

guy hasn't play a single major league minute. irrelevant.

traded a guy we drafted for our starting SS

yeah, that was a good move. i said we used trades.

drafted our 3B

slam dunk 6th overall pick who slipped because of injury issues but was just about MLB ready as a college bat

signed internationally our starting LF and CF,

i said it above but just talking about drafting. also robles hasn't proven anything yet.

traded 3 players we drafted for our starting RF,

he's a great trade guy for sure, i said we use trades and free agency. giolito looked like a bust when we dealt him.

drafted our 4th OF...


but yea, we did have to go get Catchers and a stop-gap 2B.  Our positional players are basically all via draft/international signings.  As for the rotation, yea Stras is the only 1. 

Our rotation is 4/5 non-home grown pitchers, our bullpen is outside guys, our last internal catcher was...jesus flores? derek norris?

2B, 4/5 starters, the entire back-end of the bullpen, C, LF (Eaton), SS and platoon 1B are all trades or free agency. rizzo is great at making moves but every offseason we're scrambling.