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Re: Fire Rizzo
« Reply #175: August 01, 2011, 01:22:16 PM »
Rizzo has a bad repuation around the country.  Check out this SportsNation poll.  It's not scientific, but out of 7,264 voters, 41% blamed him entirely for the Riggleman episode, 41% blamed both Rizzo and Riggleman, and only 19% blamed Riggleman only.
Thanks.  At least you are trying to back up your statements with something you can point to objectively.  It's not a rant, which is good.  I don't think we should expect you to only post love for Rizzo. That's not fair.  This is the right thread to post your opinions and the basis for them.

As to the value of the sportsnation number, I'm sure there is a disclaimer on the site saying this is an unscientific poll.  To me, that's close to an oxymoron in terms of opinion research.  I don't place much value in the percentages, except as an indication of passion among ESPN readers who pay for insider access.  Maybe they are a knowledgeable crew.  The only outside opinions that are relevant would be how he is viewed among the folks he has to trade with and the agents with whom he negotiates.  I have not heard anything negative about that except perhaps he overvalues his players.  He may also be more of a pushover for agents, given his relationship with Boras and the contracts he has given out.