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Re: Fire Rizzo
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Considering we were suppose to be in on Bourn, the trade they settled on, clearly says they asked for way too much in preliminary conversations. Im sure we kept an eye on things, but certainly at a distance. They settled on a terrible package for Bourn.

We can't blame Rizzo for what other teams wouldn;t agree to. He made a GREAT decision to not trade Storen. It was hard enough to swallow as a 1 for 1 swap, but all the talk was a multiple for one swap, including a legit prospect. That is a terrible trade for us, and Rizzo deserves credit for not making a move.

Great trade for Marquis. Great trade for Hairston. Eh, trade for Gomes. The only negative was not trading Coffe, but we wouldn't have gotten anything but a 25 year old in A ball anyway, so thats not enough to really cause a stir.