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Re-posting here:

Rizzo deserves credit for not dealing Drew Storen for Denard Span.  I was against this from the beginning and while I'm sure the impulse to make this deal was there, I'm glad cooler heads prevailed.  The risk, a player who many, including me, view to be a cornerstone of the franchise, did not outweigh the reward, which was an above-average outfielder who is coming off the DL after a head/brain injury.

What Rizzo deserves blame and/or scorn for is the total lack of results at the trading deadline.  In focusing in on Span, we saw the Braves acquire Michael Bourn at a price that our organization certainly could have exceeded.  We acquired Jonny Gomes, a .211 hitter at the time of the trade, for two minor league players having great seasons.  We traded away Jason Marquis in a deal that most feel was surprisingly one-sided given what seemed to be genuine demand for Marquis around baseball.  Our only other trade, Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Brewers, was fine, although relatively inconsequential in the big picture.

Our biggest off-season moves, signing Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche, failed to ignite our offense.  At some point, after so many missed opportunities, a gutsy journalist or blogger has to cut through the GM's public relations campaign and ask him when we're actually going to bring in a productive player or two.

We've already proven how overrated Storen is to a lot of posters here. Today's game highlights it. He's average to above average. In retrospect, this draft pick was a reach. He probably would have been there in the second round. Could have had Mike Trout! :eek:

You could not be more wrong about Marquis. I'm astonished that we got a prospect and another team to eat his salary. The guy was miserable against the American League. He had to go to a NL team. On top of that, he has minimal playoff experience. He's a number four or five starter. He won't pitch in the post season except, maybe, in relief. We got something for him. We got something for a guy who was off the team come October. Good work.

Werth has not panned out and there's no way around that. He was never going to live up to his contract, but no one expected him to do this poorly. The last ten games however, he's been on a tear. Hitting over .300, crushing the ball, and driving in runs. He's on the way back. Too early to call it a failure.

 Laroche was hurt. LaRoche is usually a .260-.270 hitter with 20+ homers and 80-100 RBIs. Oh, and his glove is top 5 among first basemen. I don't think its fair to call him a bust just yet. The fact is that the team should have told him to get the surgery as soon as they found out he had a tear. 

We don't have a 22 year old lefty that's putting up the numbers like Oberholtzer.

He put up those numbers in Double A. We had a 24 year old lefty who was putting up better numbers in Triple A. Rizzo got tunnel vision and forgot about Bourn. The Braves moved in and made a move. Paul Clemens is 23 and has a 1.3+ WHIP in Double A.

Bernadina, Milone and a couple other Double A prospects should have gotten us Bourn. The deal could have been done. It should have.