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Re: MLB financials, NoVA development, Etc.
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The problem with the Metro was that it brought in rival gans. There was always gang issues in the area from the apartment complex near the library. It has a police station on the lower level since I was little. It wasn't until the Metro was built that they had people to fued with. I was at the mall when the first big crime happenned. It was a woman that worked at lenscrafters that got raped and beheaded leaving work. The crime in the mall drove away the people, which drove away the stores, which has led to what the mall is now, and it all started with the Metro bringing in criminals from DC.

Another factor and it will be a factor for Tysons is that if you want to rob someone you don't rob someone in your own neighberhood or someone as poor as yourself. This made Springfield a huge target with easy access from the Metro to the mall and a lot of shoppers with money to be robbed.