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Re: Goldstein on top Nationals prospects
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Yeah... I wasn't expecting Lombardozzi to be high on any prospect list.

Even in the interviews with Doug Harris, the Nats farm director, he's always described him as an extreme work ethic guy, who doesn't have half the talent of some of the guys in the Nats system.

While guys like Lombardozzi can be solid everyday major leaguers, they don't get the scouts to go ga-ga over their potential.

Slightly disappointed that Milone didn't make the list... but that only confirms, at least in my mind, the question about his velocity and whether or not he can continue to fool hitters into swinging at below average pitches.

And as always... the one guy I think scouts are sleeping on... Wirkin Estevez. Look for big things out of him in the GCL in 2011.