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Re: Goldstein on top Nationals prospects
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Solis as a number 4 innings eater, have we been drinking Koolade on him, or is Goldstein off base? It's also weird to see Ramos on there since I pretty much view him as our catcher. It also looks like BP has written of Marero  and Hood

I think pitching prospects are mostly graded more conservatively than hitting prospects. Although they all seem to be graded conservatively unless the reviewer simply falls in love with them, which has happenned. Remember less than 10% of prospects even make it to the majors so it is always easier to predict failure for any prospect. Solis has the stuff of a number 4 starter, but it is all in the mind frame. There have been a lot of pitchers that have been projected as number 4s but been better in the majors because of other atributes. Not saying that is Solis but it could be, and of course the opposite is true and he might never see the pitching mound in MLB.