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Re: Soft Drinks
« Reply #50: November 11, 2010, 08:58:32 PM »
Can you do the same day courier service from Prime out in your neck of the woods? that would be impressive.

Turkish coffee is sooo good. How do you grind the beans?
I don't think so, I did overnight / 1 day shipping.  Ordered late Tuesday night, shipped Wed, came today.

The grind is supposed to be very fine.  Finer than even espresso.  You can buy grinders that you crank manually but they are like $50.  The grinders in most grocery stores do have a turkish setting, though, which is what I plan to use.  I have a conical burr grinder but I don't know that it would go fine enough for turkish coffee.  The whirly blade type grinders don't cut it at all.

I'll take some pics of the finished product if I don't burn my house down :lol: