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Re: Soft Drinks
« Reply #50: November 09, 2010, 11:03:48 PM »
I actually don't have a .edu email address at my school.  I believe I could make one but I forget my password for the server that I have to SSH into in order to set it up.
Totally OT, but my school's unix servers have the most asinine password requirements I have ever seen.  I spent forever trying to get a new password to work, and it just wouldn't take.  Finally I opened up a live chat with a support tech.  I find out that my password must have EXACTLY 2 uppercase letters, 2 numbers, 1 special character, and the rest lower case, the 2 uppercase letters can't be together and the 2 numbers can't be together, each character can be used only once, and it has to be exactly 8 total characters long.

NOWHERE in the support documentation is this mentioned, in fact it EXPLICITLY states that NO special characters are allowed.  What.  The.  freak.

Long story short, I now have my .edu email address :?