After a careful review of the available evidence, I have concluded that the Nats organization is

just plain cheap
merely incompetent
cheap AND incompetent
a superbly run business
dealing with a guy who holds a grudge for reasons beyond slow pay

Author Topic: "Stinger" Steve Ray calls out the Nats for being slow pay  (Read 3991 times)

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No surprise. Kudos to the Stinger for doing this. Many would just go away quietly. It would be one thing if this was an isolated case of one disgruntled employee with an axe to grind. But this isn't just one of several stories, it seems to be consistent with the way the Lerners handle everything.

I just got the packet in the mail from Andy Pfeffer (or whatever his name is.) Every season they waste money and send out this BS under the pen of Kasten, Lerner, not Pfeffer, even though it is the same verbiage written by the same horrible communication staff. Does anyone in the organization actually read this stuff and believe it? And do they really believe that the STHs that they are sending it to actually know so little about the organization that they will actually concur with their marketing BS?

It isn't just about the cheapness/frugality. It is the incompetence and the sense that they don't even try to do anything in a professional manner. The organization is run from the top down by people who simply don't seem to care. It is as bad and in many ways worse than a typical government bureaucracy, giving the impression that everything is done by a bunch of zombies who couldn't care less if what they do is perceived as a quality job or not. The Stinger just got caught in that. Part of it is likely a culture of not paying until you have to. But the other part of it is a culture of people running an operation like they just don't give a damn about what they are doing.