After a careful review of the available evidence, I have concluded that the Nats organization is

just plain cheap
merely incompetent
cheap AND incompetent
a superbly run business
dealing with a guy who holds a grudge for reasons beyond slow pay

Author Topic: "Stinger" Steve Ray calls out the Nats for being slow pay  (Read 4119 times)

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A classic thread by nospin.   :clap:

I guess this is what Evo was referring to.   :|

Yeah me memory back to 2007 isn't that great. Gum, sunflower seeds same thing. I just remember being at a game in 2008 or sometime and Belliard striking out and I actually vocalized, "No wonder the owners didn't want to spend for your fat ass to have new bats. You can't hit with the ones you already own."