After a careful review of the available evidence, I have concluded that the Nats organization is

just plain cheap
merely incompetent
cheap AND incompetent
a superbly run business
dealing with a guy who holds a grudge for reasons beyond slow pay

Author Topic: "Stinger" Steve Ray calls out the Nats for being slow pay  (Read 3449 times)

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Wouldn't you rather they show Dunn, Werth, and Lee the money than you. No offense but I won't renew if the Nationals sign you.

haha none taken, but you're missing my point.  i want them to get dunn/werth/lee.  that's where i want them to show me the money.

i'm going to continue and be stubborn and not make a move on getting tickets next season or adding any merchandise, etc until the Nats show they are willing to spend on a better product.