After a careful review of the available evidence, I have concluded that the Nats organization is

just plain cheap
merely incompetent
cheap AND incompetent
a superbly run business
dealing with a guy who holds a grudge for reasons beyond slow pay

Author Topic: "Stinger" Steve Ray calls out the Nats for being slow pay  (Read 2786 times)

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You just called yourself a monkey, now that's fitting :)

Yes! Psyched for Maryland hoops, always. Did you watch the srimmage? The kids looked great, fast break basketball, passes all over the court. It was fun.

they are going to be so fast AND deep.  call me crazy, i wouldn't be surprised to see this team get to the sweet 16 if they are clicking on all cylinders.  i wish i could be as optimistic about the nats as i am about the terps.