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                A frenchman walks into a bar. He has a parrot on his shoulder, and the parrot is wearing a baseball cap. The bartender says. " Hey, that's neat -where did you get that?"  

                 And the parrot says, "France -they've got millions of them there."

               A thief breaks into a bar and is heading right for the cash register when he hears a voice behind him say,"GOD is watching." He turns around, but he doesn't see anything, so he goes back to the cash register. Again he hears, "GOD is watching". So he turns around and sees a parrot over in the corner. He goes over to it and says, "What's your name?"

                "John the Baptist", replies the parrot.

                "That's a funny name for a parrot", says the thief. "Who named you that"?

                  The parrot says, " My owner -the same guy who named the Rottweiler "GOD"........