Author Topic: So I Guess Cliff Lee is NOT the Secomd Coming of Sandy Koufax, Huh  (Read 812 times)

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If you look at the period when Lee played his stats are a little less impressive.  Same with Gibson... they both pitched during a very dominant pitching era.  Not trying to take anything away from either of them of course.

As for Lee... he's still really damn good.  The Giants were just zoned in/lucky that night.  The balls Cliff was "leaving up" look bad compared to his previous start, but that's because his previous start he basically had Rivera-like control.  Most of them were pretty near the corners, and at least one of the doubles was on a perfectly placed pitch.  It's just the usual second-guessing and "hindsight is twenty-twenty" thing.  I know for a fact that a ton of our pitchers leave balls up and none of them have a BABIP above .500.  Of course, we don't have Guerrero playing in RF either.