Author Topic: #1 commercial that makes you want to smash your tv  (Read 76082 times)

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I'd rather endure political ads on TV than have to endure the never-ending barrage of hang-up calls night after night. We don't answer them, of course, but that doesn't reduce the annoyance of hearing it ringing followed by no message.

That is an annoyance, but that is what answering machines are for. :D Most of the "messages" I get on my answering machine when I'm out at work are these type of no message calls often with the annoying phone company message w/the tone and the "operator" saying "If you'd like to place a call please hang up and try again." repeating ad nauseum until the message time is up. I've gotten into the habit of hitting the delete button about 2 seconds after pressing the play message button. As soon as I hear it's a non-message "delete".

I even have The Who's "Who Are You?" (from the CSI opening credits cut) as my answering message. Can't these robocall idiots take the hint? Oh yeah they can't they are Robocalls that hang up as soon as the click of an answering machine turns on.