Author Topic: #1 commercial that makes you want to smash your tv  (Read 71729 times)

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I generally just don't pay attention to commercials any more, so I didn't think I had a nominee for this thread.

Then I remembered those freaking Domino's ads wherein they try to convince us their cheese comes straight from a dairy farm.

I don't believe them for a minute, considering they fed us poison all those years.

It's total BS. They say it's a real focus group, etc. Their room is clearly a set in the middle of the farm with no wheels, nothing capable of moving it. So those people walks out to a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere and then act surprised that they're in the middle of a farm? WTF? There is no way they got those people in that room, then moved the room to a farm, without them being absolutely aware of it. My problem is they treat the commercial as if it were a real focus group, that went into a building, randomly mentions something about fake cheese, and OMG, they're in the middle of a dairy farm!!!1!one! I'm tired of these commercials pretending to be real and instead more full of **** than the cows on that farm. Very similar to why I want to murder everyone involved with Undercover Boss, making corporations and PR stunts seem like real, honest, human, etc. The sad part is these corporations succeed in their PR snowballing and sway the average dumb American. I'll be the first to buy things from these huge corporations when the product is good, but I'm tired of them trying to act like they've got anything but the bottom line at heart and are good, decent, human-centric. No saying is more apt than these corporations keep trying to piss on us and tell us it's raining by spinning their public image by these down home, good old boys PR BS.