Author Topic: #1 commercial that makes you want to smash your tv  (Read 65769 times)

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The interesting thing about GEICO is how long they keep multiple ad themes alive. I thought the caveman had run his course, too, but the new one with the urbane caveman and the Alaskan crab boat is pretty funny. As long as they get rid of the angry caveman, it could last for a while longer.

I never liked the stack of money.
I'd say their hit rate on the latest campaign is at least 70%.  The Randy Johnson commercial was terrific, as was the Abe Lincoln and the Two to Tango.  The Caveman campaign has run its course.  The Gecko is spotty now, but was good initially.  I have not seen the stack of money with the eyes in a while - I liked the first few of those but it was a dead end.