Author Topic: Arizona Fall League - 2010 (updated "It's Harper Time")  (Read 10399 times)

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This is kind of what I was afraid of.  Still... any lefty with decent velocity is going to get an extended look.

Also: Norris putting up stats like this suggests that he's too good for the pitchers at this level (yes, it's SSS, but it's not like him walking and hitting homers is a new development).  Time to move him up and see what happens.

Norris is AA this year and probably AAA by the end of the season.  2012 is looking more and more like a sure thing for him.

As far as Solis goes, I hadn't read this scouting report on him before.  It's from March and pegs him as a 4 or 5 starter with three pitches that are at least average.  Surprised to see the 91-92 on the FB.

Here are his college stats.  Surprised that 92 IP was his high.