Author Topic: Arizona Fall League - 2010 (updated "It's Harper Time")  (Read 10405 times)

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I was really not impressed with his velocity when I saw him on Pitch F/X. I don't think you're really going to see a lot of K's, or a lack of BB's from him.

As is, I think he's pretty near his ceiling already.

Not a wasted pick... but I don't see anything more than 4-5/AAAA type out of him.
This is kind of what I was afraid of.  Still... any lefty with decent velocity is going to get an extended look.

Also: Norris putting up stats like this suggests that he's too good for the pitchers at this level (yes, it's SSS, but it's not like him walking and hitting homers is a new development).  Time to move him up and see what happens.