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So do you actually buy into that self-aggrandizing BS?  Or are you just "reporting"?  IMO it's asinine for anyone to claim that getting rid of Dunn contributed - in whole or in part - to turning around a franchise with a solid decade of mediocrity under its belt.  That's just the kind of logic I'd expect to hear from someone like Sportsfan.

I don't buy into it at all. It's like saying getting rid of Michael Jordan makes you better because will stop waiting for Mike to win the game. Remember Jocketty didn't get a whole lot for either Dunn or Griffey, it would suggest it was a way of deflecting criticism.

J.P Ricciardi suggested that Dunn didn't like baseball "all that much" when responding to why the Blue Jays weren't interested. J.P. like Keith Law is no longer in baseball.