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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 1
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Well Kasten said the offense was fixed... so I doubt he'd be too concerned about it if he was still here.

Granted on the offense comments from Kasten. Kastens sole job is PR and spinning $#!* into roses. The offense is fixed just like Dibble took some vacation time. Clearly our offense is not fixed going into next year, and without Dunn, it's going to be a nightmare scenario next season. I think Kasten's public comments aside, he's a smart guy and saw exactly what was going to happen with no intention of signing Dunn and no intention to get an offensive replacement. Our offense actually was fixed with Dunn/Zimmerman/Willingham/Espinosa/Desmond/Ramos/Morse/Bernadina. So his comment was actually correct in hindsight. It's just going to be broken beyond belief come next season without Dunn providing that potent 3-4-5 and having no legitimate leadoff guy for the second straight season, at least not one ready for 2011. Espinosa will be there eventually, not next year.