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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3
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Gotcha. You're a lot like UMD (except for the fanboy part :lol:) in that you both like DC teams except for the Steelers. I don't mind Crosby though. He's a great player. Some Caps fans tend to dislike him because he's so good and maybe they feel like there can only be one great player in the league (Ovechkin). Stupid Penguins fans hate Ovechkin in the same way and probably for the same reason.  :? It's like SF hating on anyone who isn't Zimmerman or who doesn't play in the Nationals' farm system.

I've been in the DC area a long ... long time so I watched a lot of Caps and now Nats.   But the Steelers .... lots of good memories there ... even when they were awful ... hitchhiking to Pitt Stadium to watch 'em lose every week ... Bucs too (Forbes Field) but they went cheap on me.   Still love the old Bucs (pre-'92) and Steelers.