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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3
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Hey mitlen how did you become a Nats fan? I'm wondering why you aren't a Pirates fan since you seem to be from Western PA (or are you not from there and happen to be a bandwagon Steelers fan?).

I'm from W. PA.   I was a Pirates fan my whole life (Kiner, Clemente, Dale Long, Maz, Hoak, Law, Haddix, "Pops", Al Oliver, "Mad Dog", Tekelve, Manny, etc.) ... and then kind of lost the flame in '92.   I stayed up late in 1992 and watched the Braves beat my Bucs.   They haven't had a winning season since.  I dislike Bonds not for the steroids but because he bailed ... Bonilla too.     I still follow the Bucs (catch 'em whenever they're in town) but when the Nats came on the scene ... well I was in love again.   First game I ever went to was the Bucs in town in May or June (I think) of '05.   I have pictures.   My son and I went and sat in the yellow seats in right field.   I wore my Pirates hat.    Told the Bucs I still love 'em but I found a new love.   The Nats ... it's been bliss ever since :).    I ain't no bandwagoneer or I wouldn't be a Nats' fan (LOL).

PS  I still have my 5 X7 glossies of the '60 Pirates (Burgess, Law, Friend, Stuart, Maz, Groat, Hoak, Skinner, Virdon, Clemente).