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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 3
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so who wants to comment on Dunn's fielding today and turn this into a 25 page thread?  :)

Cal, we parked in the new garage under the office building next to the metro station, it was $25 and a short walk to the stadium.  When we left after the game we couldn't make a left towards Maine Ave, so we turned right, turned right to head down to the yards, and took the right turn between the stadium and the river, then right onto S. Capital to head to 395.  As you drive past the stadium you'll see the player's lot on the right, depending on how you time it, you'll catch some of the players leaving.  My kids were jumping out of their seat and waving at Ryan but he didn't see them (tinted windows in our mini-van) and I told my wife to put down the camera.  After he drove off John Lannan in a brand new Land Rover came zipping by.

We took this route back in July after a Friday night fireworks game and saw a whole bunch of players leaving as well (Miguel Batista was sitting next to us).