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Unexpected TFS update
« Topic Start: September 27, 2006, 10:18:49 PM »
Thanks guys!  I do appreciate all your offers and words of encouragement.  If I think of anything I need, I'll be sure to let you know.  We've let some folks know that restaurant gift cards (carryout) could come in handy for times when we don't have a meal lined up and wind up with last minute appts. or grocery, Walmart/Kmart  or drug store gift cards for incidentals that come along the way.  But that's about the only thing I can think of that anyone can really do right now.

Andrew is very strong indeed!  I'm supposed to give him a dose of neupogen (grows more white cells) into a catheter in his upper arm on a daily basis.  It stings a bit.  So, I tried to numb it by icing it for like 30 minutes tonight.  He was so hyped up about it hurting (needle never touches him), that I wound up calling the oncologist and was told to skip tonight and call the doc tomorrow.  It's kinda hard to use a needle with a moving target.  arggh!  It's so frustrating.  You tell him that cancer isn't like a cold that will go away on it's own and that if he gets a fever when he gets down on his white cells he'll be in the hospital for a week or so.  And it doesn't do any good!  I'm still torqued from having to fight with him for an hour tonight (no joke), but I'm also exhausted!

Oh, Calsgr8 is sending a letter to MLB or the Nats to try to have a player visit the big little guy.  Despite the hour long battle, he's starting show signs of fatigue from the chemo.  He's not running around as much or as hyperly driven during the day.  We gave him a BIG playhut tent for his birthday over a year ago and he's set it up in the front yard complete w/ a blanket and pillow along with books, markers and paper.  It's really sweet!  Looking at that I feel so awful for him.  But gosh!  He's a strong, strong boy!!