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Unexpected TFS update
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Dear Everyone,
I hadn't expected to need to send out an update so soon.  But things have changed dramatically and really shook our world.  But we're doing mostly ok right now.  I took Andrew in for his first chemo treatment yesterday only to find out that the mass remaining in his neck has grown more in the past 3 weeks and the previous protocol is no longer applicable for him.  He has 10 cm of bulk mass in his neck (cancerous lymph nodes & inflamed tissue).  The former protocol only allowed for bulk mass no greater than 6 cm.  One of the nodes has gone from 1 cm to 3x3 cm.
Then more tests needed to be conducted for this newer protocol, including another chest x-ray, pulmonary tests (breathing to check his lungs) and a bone marrow biopsy.  He was admitted into Fairfax Hospital this morning and the bone marrow and x-ray were done.  Thankfully both are fine.  The bone marrow test was done under deep sedation, and they went in two spots on his lower back into both hips.  Marrow was removed and tested for Hodgkins and is fine.  
Chemo begins tomorrow.  This is also another major change.  Instead of 2-3 mo. of chemo, 3 cycles, he will now have to undergo 4-6 months (likely 6) of chemo, 4-6  3 week cycles.  Radiation may also be necessary.  
His spirits are good right now.  It has been a busy day and a rough one for mom!  He will be in the hospital, room 567 (green building) until Sunday or Monday.  Chemo will be the first three days of each cycle, then again on the 8th day.  Prednisone still for the first whole week.  
Please forgive my choppiness.  I came home to spend time w/ the girls and put them to bed.  At this moment, Dan is at the hosp. w/ Andrew and a friend will come over soon to stay w/ the girls so I can go back there.
Please pray for Andrew's health during this treatment.  He will have to go on homebound, so the school issue is no longer an issue.  Pray that he will have a rapid early response to the drugs.  Also pray for all three kids' emotional well being.  They're really having a hard time right now.
I'll try to write more as we progress.  I was told I can access my email in the hospital library.  So I will try to do so tomorrow.  
Thanks again for all your prayers!