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Re: Nationals vs Astros, Game 3
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Marquis sucks.  Ignore 6 of the last 7 starts.
In what world is a 4 BB, 1 K performance is a good start? Or a 3 BB, 1 K, 2 HR performance. If this was John Lannan, you would say it's an awful start. In those 7 starts, he has more BB+HBP than K's and a 4.69 FIP while also allowing a .352 OBP. Hardly anything to brag about. You do know that your whipping boy John Lannan had a 4.70 FIP last year which is about the same as Marquis has in his last 7 starts, but in your world, Marquis is a good starter, while Lannan is performing over his head and it's unsustainable.