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Re: Nationals vs Astros, Game 3
« Reply #225: September 23, 2010, 08:40:25 AM »
OldChelsea - this was one of the last exchange our unused tickets for a lousy seat nights for STH, so that bumped up the the butts in the seats.  I'd think for paid attendance those would count towards the original night.  I did it, used 3 of 4 unused tickets for a night in section 240. No Dunn homer though. 

I could not pick up the Marquis facial expressions while at the game.  If he had "gas" from bad sushi, I'd feed it to him every night. 

Triple and homer for Danny - the latter right below our seats (so i could not see it).  Loved seeing him get untracked. 

I missed the Carlos Lee forgetting to tag up play - was it just brain lock?  It looked like Maxwell held the ball a bit when Lee broke, just to let him get further off the bag before the relay over to first.  that right?

It seemed very weird before the game.  I arrived much later than normal, around 6:30, and there was room on the metro, no crush for the escalator (which only had one side stair going up from the platform instead of two at the ballpark side).  I made a comment that it did not seem like there was a game.  No crush at the Red Porch bar, either, and plenty of room at the Red Loft.  During the game, the Loft looked relatively empty.  Late season ball game between non-contenders.

Hammonds - BTW, the Nats beat you on a nickname for Zimmerman.  The last t-shirt next Tuesday is a long sleeve with "Mr. :w: alkoff" on it.