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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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Sorry, it's not JZ, it's Ramos. Zmann was lights out during rehab. He was decent to stellar coming back. His one bad start, his first one back, well, it was his first game back. Then he gets Ramos on Sunday due to the afternoon start. Absolute nightmare. Ramos again tonight. Absolute nightmare. I have to expect Ramos caught for him in AAA, but maybe in the minors the dugout was calling pitches and up here they're letting Ramos take the initiative. We all saw how huge a difference a catcher can make in destroying a pitcher when Pudge got injured in May with Capps. Capps was perfect the first month and a half, then Nieves comes in and Capps blows save after save. Zimmermann, even in his awful first start, had 4ks in 4 innings. His last two with Ramos, he has 3Ks combined?  

Maybe Zimmermann is having some awful outings, but I suspect the Ramos and bad Zimmermann outings are more than coincidence. Mind you, I'm not saying anything negative about Ramos. Some pitchers and catchers are just total disasters together. Most guys have decent outings with Nieves, but Capps got clocked whenever Nieves was calling pitches. Or maybe they aren't letting Ramos call games yet, and it's the bench calling pitches. Pudge obviously calls the games, so if Ramos isn't making the calls you'd still have a different mindset calling pitches than when Zimmerman has been wildly, and he was wildly, successful for starts #2 and #3.
Wow... y'all are really eager to blame the catchers for games like these.  Look, Zimm didn't have good stuff during the 0-strikeout game, plain and simple.  And this game was decent if he hadn't given up the home runs.  Note: catchers do not give up home runs!  There is no such thing (to my knowledge anyway) as a "flyball catcher."   Next you are all going to be saying that Victor Martinez has three no-hitters or something equally ridiculous.  The catcher is important, but catching != pitching, and if a pitcher doesn't like how the catcher is calling the game, he always has the last word.  And saying Zimmermann was stellar during rehab means nothing because he was pitching in the minors... not against the Phillies.