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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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Firing Riggleman isn't going to accomplish much of anything, sadly.

Sure it will.  He's the one who badly overused Clippard early in the year, he's the one who insists on playing Nyjer, he's the one who puts together some of the most nonsensical lineups possible, and he's the one who seems intent on holding down guys like Morse with the incessant double switching while insuring Mench/Harris get a ridiculous number of ABs. 

An adequate manager would have squeezed 5-6 more wins out of the team at this point.  That's obviously not much but manager's rarely account for much more than that.  It seems extremely obvious that Bernadina has no business batting 5th in the lineup.  He's a top/bottom of the lineup guy yet Riggleman can't figure that out and keeps batting him in front of Morse.  A retarded two year old could figure out that Nosa/Desi/Zim/Dunn/Morse/Bernie or Nosa/Desi/Bernie/Zim/Dunn/Morse is the way to go right now.  Does a better job of forcing the other manager's hand on relief options with the R/L batting differences all the way through the 6 spot in the order.  Riggleman can't seem to figure out the obvious so a new manager can't hurt.