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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 1
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Neither is Alberto Gonzalez.  Valuable as a utility MI guy, and his bat isn't that terrible, so he can PH.

The problem is that this team, ATM, has too many utility/4th OF type players, and not enough everyday caliber MLB players.

Pretty true.  Keeping Dunn (or getting a solid replacement) and adding a corner OF leaves C as the only real question next year with Norris at AA coming soon.

Next season should see an OF primarily consisting of Bernadina/Morse/Hammer/Maxwell/FA corner OF (Crawford/Werth), an infield of Zimmerman/Desmond/Espinosa/Dunn (or FA)/AlGo/extra IF and Ramos/Pudge at C.  Keeping 1B strong, upgrading that one OF spot, and letting the young 2B/C learn on the job should go a long way towards solidifying things.