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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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Earlier than my time, so I'm not aware of the details, but I do know that a fireballer is going to have less trouble with a blister than say a junkballer.  When Lincecum was dealing with blister problems, it was his curveball that was suffering.  He was able to continue throwing his four-seam fastball without any problem.  Having said that, I'm not ready to attribute Maya's problems to a blister.  I think it is a bunch of external factors pressuring him at once.  Let him adjust to the league now in September, then let him compete for a spot in ST.

Beckett's was caused by his curve also. It happens most when pitchers switch balls (college to pro, minors to majors, Japan to US) I think Cuba still uses the horse hide ball so Maya's problem might simply be a case of adjusting to the slicker cow hide ball.