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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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In that case why not take a few innings away from Marquis and Lannan and say they both look "ok" this season.  I just don't buy into the "we got a steal" when the guy shows up and is obviously not 29 and is obviously not ready for prime-time.  We'll see how he looks in his next start.

Err, the difference is those two were not making their first starts in the major leagues, for the first time in front of so large a crowd with people he can't talk to or understand, with his family in Cuba still? Look, he is 0-2. Got it. But he's got about a million mitigating factors. Both games he was dominant for all but one inning. Literally dominant. The one inning he did fail, it was due to Maya collapsing and not the other team wiping the floor with bad pitches. You stop him from collapsing that one inning and he's got an ERA under 1. Considering how few American baseball starts he's had, I don't think it's sane to be writing him off as unable to overcome his issues in that one bad inning after two MLB starts and what, seven American baseball starts? And how many pitchers do we have where you can say the same? Take one bad inning away and they are dominant? I think we should focus on how much better Maya is than our AAAA trash, not tearing down one of the better pitchers we have at this point.