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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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Isn't this guy supposed to be 29 and have won the Cuban equivalent of the Cy Young award?  Wasn't the big selling point on Maya that he was major league ready and didn't need much seasoning?  One swallow doesn't make a summer but I think there's a reason the Nats got him instead of the other clubs.  From what we've seen so far he looks like another overhyped and overpaid bum.

I simply meant he wasn't in the minors long enough in regards to acclimating to pitching in front of tens of thousands. He clearly doesn't need to learn anymore in the minors, see five of six innings. And the one bad inning is the result of nerves/anxiety and just breaking down, not guys getting hits off a bad pitcher.

Sorry, I'm still absolutely sold on Maya. How can you not be when you take away two innings in his first two starts and he's only given up what, 1 ER? That's a pitcher that has a ton of potential.