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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Braves, Game 2 (Curly W)
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Any lawyers lurking around here who want to hook me up with a job in DC or Chicago?  I've got a pretty decent pedigree, and lord knows I can talk baseball at the very least!

You may want to drop bumsfan4 (on the MLB board) a note.  Tell him I referred you so he knows how you found out about him.
Many thanks for the tip.

By the way, Tom...WTF is going on with that troll on the MLB board?  Why in God's name has the (absentee) moderator not banned this schmoe?
Why anybody still reads & posts from that "message board" when there are obvious alternatives escapes me.
There are still some quality posts to be found there, though obviously they've got nothing like the game threads here.  

I really like the fact that you can usually count on the same bunch of 'regulars' to make an appearance here every night...makes me feel like I've been remiss in not posting.  Okay, I'll be sure to kick it here for the next eleven games, unless it's absolutely impossible (read: unless my girlfriend is here...sadly she is not a baseball fan, though otherwise she's an angel).