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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 2
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Blah, blah, blah.  165 Ks in 161.1 IP.  4 to freaking 1 K/BB.  I don't care what service rates what player at what level.  Gee pitched well in AAA this year.  His only weakness was giving up too many hits but his peripherals all suggest that will come down.

And please, don't use a useless stat like ERA when discussing predictive pitching stats.  FIP is okay.
His MLE equivalent FIP is 5.03. The dude is at best mediocre. He shouldn't be dominating a big league lineup. You can keep hiding behind K's, but when was the last time a 24 year old pitcher who was never considered a prospect before had an Almost 5 ERA and over 4 FIP in AAA, then was real good in the big leagues? It doesn't happen.