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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
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I'm not saying a nice skyline doesn't have it's place, and sure ours could be better, but to me that's something you stop noticing at your own ballpark after half a dozen games or less.  "It's such a nice skyline" is what visitors say.  I'm pretty sure Pirates fans would gladly trade their awesome skyline for 20 more wins.

I hail from the Pittsburgh area however I come to the defense of Nats' stadium.   I contend, if the "Golden Triangle" had a height limitation on its buildings as DC does, the view may be different and quite possibly as bland as we have.    Plus, I'm old enough to remember when you couldn't even see downtown from the North Side on a bright sunny day because of the dirt/smog.   The rebuilding of downtown and the loss of jobs (steelmills) changed all that.    Having said that, PNC and Heinz have great locations for viewing The Point and are great places to watch a ballgame.   And .... did any of you make it to the casino next door?   :)