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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
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I'm not saying a nice skyline doesn't have it's place, and sure ours could be better, but to me that's something you stop noticing at your own ballpark after half a dozen games or less.  "It's such a nice skyline" is what visitors say.  I'm pretty sure Pirates fans would gladly trade their awesome skyline for 20 more wins.

i dont disagree, i think i just wish nats park had something UNIQUE about it. right now, there's nothing. bens chili bowl? don't count that. we have our big scoreboard but there's nothing that makes me say, "wow, this is a really nice ballpark."

dont get me wrong, i love nats park, but PNC was really, really nice, and the experience was great. the fireworks and concerts could never happen at night at NP because the nagy residents around NP complain like jerks about fireworks, so that sucks, because it really was a great performance.