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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
« Reply #225: September 05, 2010, 02:00:28 PM »
their statues are also far better I don't watch the statues for 3 hours
they have 3-4 restaurants right outside the entrances not part of the park(?)
walk along the bridges to get to the park not part of the park
view of pittsburgh skyline vs. view of parking garage, some of anacostianot part of the park
concourses about equal so not an advantage
far shorter food lines (and there were 30k there last night) that's because they suck, nobody spends a lot of money on a bad team.  that said, Nats park does need to improve in this regard, so sure, point for PNC even though that's on the vendors and not the park itself
free live concert + fireworks (why can't the nats do this ONCE A YEAR like the pirates do? sure they can't shoot fireworks off of buildings and awesome bridges but it'd be nice)NOT PART OF THE PARK :lol:
an overall better experience, IMO. maybe the pirates are just pros at making you enjoy your time there when the team loses 90-100 a year. they've got a lot more practice at it, so I'm sure they are

i will say that the nats video board and graphics are far superior.

To sum up my point-by-point rebuttal - almost all of that has nothing to do with the park itself.  Did you even read my posts? :lol:

If you and Colodar like PNC better, that's cool.  But I still think it's highly overrated and saying it makes Nats park (or any other new park for that matter) look like a AAA stadium is hyperbole of the most preposterous degree.