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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
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Well aside from the highly unflattering angle you chose for the Nats Park picture, I'm not going to deny that PNC has a nicer skyline view, but maybe I'm in the minority on this one - I go to game to watch the game, not stare at the skyline.  Skylines makes for nice souvenir pictures, but the parks themselves are what I care about.  Seating comfort, views of the field, ease of getting about, accessibility of concessions, etc.  I think any reasonably new park is going to do fine in those areas, and from what I've seen there's nothing terribly special about PNC in that regard.  Events are again not a matter of the park itself.  I won't comment on that because again, I really don't go to ballparks for anything but the game.

I'm by no means saying that Nats park is the most awesome park in baseball, I just don't think that PNC is *that* much better.  Camden is kind of a dump, honestly.  Every time I've been I'm struck by how cramped, dark, and dirty it feels.  And that's not Nats favoritism as I attended games at Camden before the Nats even existed.

Sorry but I think you guys are both drinking the koolaid.  PNC Park is lovely but it's highly highly overrated, and saying it makes Nats park look like a minor league park is just ridiculous.  Not to mention that neither of you actually compared the parks, you compared the views of the city and the number of freebies provided :lol:

their statues are also far better
they have 3-4 restaurants right outside the entrances
walk along the bridges to get to the park
view of pittsburgh skyline vs. view of parking garage, some of anacostia
concourses about equal
far shorter food lines (and there were 30k there last night)
free live concert + fireworks (why can't the nats do this ONCE A YEAR like the pirates do? sure they can't shoot fireworks off of buildings and awesome bridges but it'd be nice)
an overall better experience, IMO. maybe the pirates are just pros at making you enjoy your time there when the team loses 90-100 a year.

i will say that the nats video board and graphics are far superior.