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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
« Reply #225: September 05, 2010, 09:56:30 AM »
I went to Italian day and got a free Italian themed Pirates hat and an outfield ticket and they brought in several local restaurants (Pburgh has really great pizza and Italian by the way) and they cooked on the river walk. I had veal parmigiana! It was like 20 bucks, and Mike Bacsuck got the win.

They have to go to all of this insane fan experience trouble because the park is empty. Like ghost town empty. You can get tickets to any section for any game, unless the Yankees come to town. So it is a bit like Camden Yards.

The thing is, when Kasten mentions the fan experience at Nats Park, which absolutely destroys that of CBP, SkyDome, or Camden, people have crapfits and scream LAC and go crazy over the moonbounce. So they just can't win. The concourse at Nats Park is the best I have been to by an insane margin, including PNC. You can see the game action from anywhere. That's worth quite a bit in my book.