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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 2
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Sorry but I think you guys are both drinking the koolaid.  PNC Park is lovely but it's highly highly overrated, and saying it makes Nats park look like a minor league park is just ridiculous.  Not to mention that neither of you actually compared the parks, you compared the views of the city and the number of freebies provided :lol:

I've got to disagree with you. The limestone is highly unique. But, and as I pointed out in my earlier post, the view is what makes it. We look out on two parking garages and the Red Porch, which isn't exactly beautiful. The concourses and all? I could care less about their design. The exterior of the park, walking all the war around, blows Nats Park out of the water. It just does. And that's excluding the view you get of Pittsburgh and the river walking around.

But like I said, it's the view in your seat. That's all I care about. I go to 70-80 Nats games a year, so I know the stadium like the back of my hand. You needn't go to either to make up your mind though. When watching a game, which looks AAA and which looks like a postcard, if a postcard were a work of art?

That's not koolaid. Don't get me wrong, Nats Park is one of the better parks. But comparing these two is laughable. The scoreboard and out of town scores are the only benefits. Likewise, PNC isn't nearly as commercialized/ad nuts as Nats Park. Nats Parks best looking, most impressive entrance is the one nobody ever uses since it's on the side facing nothing. No parking or metro.

As far as the freebies. Well, again, I make it to 70-80 games per year here. I've been to one PNC Park game. In six seasons, we never had an event even 10% of what they had tonight. And they have it three times a year, plus concerts without the fireworks and fireworks without the concerts. And the fireworks display versus Nats Park was like the ones I do in my backyard versus a local high schools fireworks.

I strongly wish I could show my favoritism, and I think that's partly why I say Camden is inferior to Nats Park by a degree. But every aspect of last night blew the stadium and fan experience for any single game at Nats Park out of the water. It's just not a contest, and the AAA comment stands up. When I'm in my seat, so I want to look in the outfield to see some parking garages that they had to put ads on to try and hide, and the Red Porch, which while not ugly and is great for using it... When I'm in my seat, watching the game, Nats Park is a AAA park in comparison. It's parking garages with ads hanging down them and a distractingly red restaurant, or a very minimal, no seating area that allows for a picturesque piece of art every time you look up. Like I said, 8'm not downing Nats Park, it's a beautiful park in its own right. But PNC is in a different league from 90% of MLB Parks with that view.