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Re: Nationals vs Cardinals, Game 4
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PA I think we have our wires crossed or something.  I didn't like that Nyjer veered into a catcher that wasn't making any play two feet inside the plate.  I know the rules of baseball(what could Anderson have done that was wrong?).  I also know that you don't go after a player/catcher unless it is necessary.  Nyjer continues to show a lack of baseball IQ over and over.  If you dont think Nyjers move last night was a classless move..fine..then Pojuls should have run over Lannan just a moment ago.

That's what I was saying from the start, you and I know the rules, Nyjer ADMITTED yesterday that he doesn't. If the catcher is off the plate, he doesn't have the ball. It's Nyjer's lack of fundamentals and nothing intentional. You and I are on the same page, I believe.