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Re: Nationals vs Cardinals, Game 4
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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought john lannan isn't a major league starter ... minor league fodder ... lAAnAAn huh?  STFU.

4 wins in his last 5 games, could be 5 wins out of his last 6 ... was he bad in the beginning of the year?  yeah he wasn't his old self.  but since healing up and working on his mechanics and building up his confidence he's been a MLB back end of the rotation starter.  some posters on here may have called him a top of the rotation guy - i've never said that - i feel he's a #4/#5.

p.s. insert PANatsFan saying he still sucks and marquis is so much better and then spidernat taking a jab at me even though he doesn't make a baseball comment.