Author Topic: Tom Milone needs to be on your Radar  (Read 3374 times)

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Re: Tom Milone needs to be on your Radar
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Well, that and a fastball that could bust a single-pane window.

Look, Andy Sonnanstine, in over 550 minor league innings, put up a 2.76 ERA with a 503-85 strikeout to walk ratio. He throws a fastball/cutter/slider/curveball repertoire at hitters. He also averages less than 87 MPH on his fastball, and has a career ERA of 5.22 in part because he started giving up more homeruns in the majors than he did in the minors. Major league hitters not only make more pitches into mistakes, they also do a lot more with those mistakes.

Milone might be the rare person who can overcome a severe velocity deficiency, but it's really hard to succeed in the majors on command alone.

Eh, put some rubber bands on pitching arm to shore it up. No big deal.