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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 1
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Take a look at the starting line-ups from August 20th, 2006 at Philadelphia.  


Alfonso Soriano LF - Did have a tremendous season - (Hammer out)RaJa getting better everyday
Felipe Lopez SS - They didn't call him FLop for nothing- Desmond will be a better SS
Ryan Zimmerman 3B - Golden Boy    
Nick Johnson 1B  - Invented the DL - Dunn much better investment
Austin Kearns RF - Never panned out - Morse show more upside
Alex Escobar CF - Had his patent for the DL stolen by Nick - Nyjer better players
Brandon Harper C - He aint no Bryce  - Pudge (HOF)better, Ramos young talent better and even Nieves is a push
Bernie Castro 2B  - Made Nook Logan look like Albert Pujols - Kennedy/Gonzo would start over him any day
Pedro Astacio P - At least it was cool when he would dangle his fingers- Maybe Marquis should cut off his fingers


Jimmy Rollins SS - Still there
Shane Victorino RF- Now in Center
Chase Utley 2B - Their Golden Boy
Ryan Howard 1B - Eats most Nationals pitchers like he is eating shrimp/ Sweeney filling his spot
Pat Burrell LF - Raul from the right side
Aaron Rowand CF- Rowand defense helps him but Werth is better
Mike Lieberthal C- Ruiz is better (should the Nationals just walk him in clutch situations?)
Abraham Nunez 3B- Palanco is better
Randy Wolf P - Halladay wins more games by the All-Star break than Wolfie does in a season